workshopCMCG has decades of experience designing and conducting workshops. We understand people learn in a multitude of ways and believe workshops create a unique learning experience. Our workshops are designed to engage participants in the learning experience by creating activities, using multimedia tools and simulations.

Workshops are an ideal environment to

  • Create an intensive educational experience in a short amount of time, when the time for a more comprehensive effort may not be available.
  • Introduce response team members that may be too far apart to gather regularly, or may be unable to commit large amounts of time.
  • Teach hands-on skills because it offers participants a chance to try out new methods and fail in a safe situation. Failure is often the best teacher, and failure in this instance doesn’t carry a cost.
  • Especially for people with critical responsibility to carry out actions under duress, a workshop can create a sense of common purpose among its participants.

Whatever your organization’s particular reasons, CMCG can assist creating a dynamic didactic experience for your team.