CMCG all-hazards approach to crisis and emergency management planning fits our client’s academic operations. We understand the challenge of creating a safe and secure environment, while maintaining an open, welcoming and thriving campus life. CMCG has helped clients achieve the right balance for their schools. We do so because we treat each client engagement as a unique opportunity to assess and tailor solutions according to their individual needs. Moreover, we realize school budgets vary widely, so CMCG also focuses on creating a services menu that our school clients can incrementally implement as appropriate. Finally, our solutions are proven and practical; and we work closely with school staff to ensure any materials reaching the student population are vetted to be age appropriate. CMCG offers the following services to our school and university clients:

  • Crisis & Emergency Management Program Development
  • Evacuation, Lockdown and Active Shooter Protocols
  • Emergency Plan Assessment
  • Crisis and Emergency Response Planning
  • School Safety and Security Assessments
  • Threat Assessment Team Development
  • Training
  • Drills and Exercises