CMCG as a partner to prepare your team before the crisis. CMCG as your trusted adviser in the midst of the chaos.

Crisis Management is measured in fractions of time where the reputation and financial viability of the corporation are at stake in an interconnected global marketplace. CMCG designs corporate crisis management programs integrating operational business continuity and tactical emergency response enabling executives to focus on the bottom line.

Recovering operational functionality in the aftermath of an event is the cornerstone of successful Business Continuity and Continuity of Operations planning. Our Business Impact Analysis creates a recovery baseline for your critical business activities.

Fires, tornadoes, power loss … Emergencies require immediate response to mitigate impacts and prevent escalation of an event into a corporate crisis. Is your corporation prepared?

CMCG’s professionals stand ready to guide your corporation through uncharted territory with clear COVID-19 Services advice and executive decision-making.



Why Choose Us

Experience. Historical Context. Holistic approach to emergency management.

These are all ways to express the fact that CMCG and its staff of experts have been deeply immersed in emergency management issues for decades. We understand the evolution of comprehensive all hazards emergency management. We have been part of it.

The world faces new risks in the new millennium. Terrorists are using weapons of mass destruction – bioterrorism, dirty bombs, chemical weapons – and we are faced with the challenge of responding to the consequences …

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Our Clients Say it Best
  • I have known Mr. Robert Bradshaw of CMCG, Consultant since he assisted Westchester County in updating CEMPs (Comprehensive Emergency Management Plans) in 2004 for the local jurisdictions. I was so impressed by the job that he did updating our plans that I contacted him to ask his assistance when we hosted a joint exercise with–John J. Donaghy, Yonkers Office of Emergency Management

  • CMCG demonstrated a command knowledge across the different planning elements. The Institute’s complex research operations demanded a systematic reliant approach to Business Continuity. CMCG provided us with that expertise.–Kelley Raasch, Associate Director of EHS and Project Manager, The Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT

  • Telesystem’s data colocation and telephony services required us to establish a business continuity capability. CMCG clearly defined a path forward and delivered on our BCP.–Don Everts, Office of Project Management, Telesystem