CMCG LLC. Technology Group

At the beginning of 2015 CMCG LLC. formally launched the CMCG Technology group to assist current clients enhance their preparedness and response capabilities. The focus of the Technology Group will be the creation and support of mobile applications that will make emergency response teams more effective than ever before.  CMCG staff will continue to provide the emergency management subject matter expertise for the new services while the Technology Group’s experts will provide mobile application development.

The impact of the CMCG Technology Group was demonstrated with Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E). The group worked together to create a mobile application that made PG&E’s emergency plan and procedures accessible in the field.  The application also allowed for the sharing of ICS forms, team contact and notification lists and just-in-time training vignettes.  The application was used in the Napa Valley area earthquake of 2014.  The technology functioned without interruption in the quake and was effectively used by PG&E responders for this major response effort.



Current CMCG Technology Group Applications


Mobile Preparedness Information Application

The emergency preparedness application allows team to have emergency response information readily available. The mobile preparedness application reformats emergency plans, which are currently stored in oversized binder, into mobile friendly interactive documents. The applications also includes situation checklists, an interactive Incident Action Plan and just in time incident information.

Accountability and Mapping Application

The accountability app is designed for our university and nuclear power clients.  It will allow campus-wide accountability of personnel and provide crowdsourced site mapping of impacts.  This accountability application is an important emergency response tool for our nuclear energy clients, particularly in an active shooter scenario where a site lockdown may be implemented.

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Our Radiological mobile application addresses emergency worker radiological exposure control in a mobile application. It enhances existing manual/ paper process by providing the following features:
✓ Ease of data entry
✓ Real time monitoring at the county level
✓ Creation of automated and printable reports of exposures by the county for all users.

Public Relations Social Media Training Simulation

The social media simulation tools will provide social media technology support for drills and exercises conducted by CMCG. The tool will help evaluate how teams cope with social media inputs. Using the simulator will allow teams to run full blown exercises on a private server to keep the exercise private. The simulator is designed to ensure your team will have a realistic and convincing exercise.