CMCG worked with a provider of healthcare services for children to update and streamline the hospital network Code White (Winter Weather) protocols. Serving a major metropolitan area with Hospitalsover 20 neighborhood locations, including five Urgent Care Centers, it was critical for the client to establish deployment for nursing a physician staffing ahead of inclement weather while keeping personnel safe. Our team assisted the client to incorporate NOAA’s winter weather reporting into the existing decision-making structure, updated the Code White protocols, brief hospital executives and trained staff responsible for implementing the Code White across the network.

Radiological Training and Workshops

CMCG assisted several hospitals in the State of New York develop procedures to receive, process and treat patients potentially contaminated by radioactive materials. Our team also trained hospital staff on the new protocols.

CMCG aided a major healthcare provider in Grand Rapids, Michigan with the development and conduct of a pandemic influenza and medical surge workshop (including a tabletop exercise and emergency medical services dispatcher drill). The goal of the workshop was to validate tools developed by the client under a CDC public health demonstration project for the provision of essential services during an influenza pandemic in Michigan Health Region 6. CMCG developed all workshop materials, facilitated the sessions, provided recorders to capture minutes and lessons learned; and assisted in assembling workshop documentation.

Spectrum Health

For Spectrum Health System and a regional emergency medical coordinating agency, CMCG developed and conducted a pandemic tabletop exercise as well as multiple functional exercises to validate mass casualty response capabilities.

Research Facilities

Our team has developed emergency procedures for animal research laboratories for several clients conducting research on small mammals and primates. We are very familiar with the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC) International and Public Health Service (PHS) guidelines in the area of emergency response planning for animal laboratories. We have trained Institutional Animal Care and Use Committees (IACUC) in their roles and responsibilities under response plans. Most recently, CMCG created a response plan for a state-of-the-art Vivarium. Our consultants understand the interconnection between the vivarium operations and a client’s overarching crisis, emergency and business continuity strategy. We also are all-hazards experts enabling us to document risks for external first responders, such as local fire and police departments.