Real Time ResponseWhat do we mean by “real time response”? Its experience responding to real world events. While, most crisis and emergency management consultants simply assist clients with plans, procedures, training and special studies and analyses. CMCG does all that and more. Our consultants have real world experience in responding to major emergencies. We are available to assist our clients “real time” in responding to incidents. Our staff has responded to major oil spills, corporate crises, severe weather events and even the events of September 11th. When your organization finds itself in the throes of a real emergency or corporate crisis, we can provide competent experienced emergency managers to advise and supplement in house responders.
CMCG staff has provided real time emergency response services to airlines, petrochemical companies, the mining and natural resources industry, government and universities. We have performed these services in the US and internationally.

Regular experience in responding to real world events keeps our consultants tuned in to the latest issues, effective strategies, response technologies and other tools to help ensure effective crisis response.