CMCG COVID-19 Services

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting millions of people and disrupting thousands of businesses worldwide.  CMCG understands this is a difficult time and recognizes the challenges our clients face as they navigate this unchartered and very fluid environment.  CMCG is supporting a number of clients with their COVID-19 crisis and business continuity needs.  We are providing the following services.

County and Local Health Department Services

As news of the COVID-19 virus began taking shape at the beginning of the year, we quickly onboarded two prominent public health experts, Dr. John Litaker and Dr. Richard Taylor to join the CMCG team to lend their extensive experience in assisting hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and state agencies with health-related projects.

For County and Local Health Departments, we offer planning support services for the following high-priority Public Health Emergency Planning (PHEP) topics:

  • Alternate Care Sites
  • Vaccine Distribution (with a focus on Cold Chain)
  • Isolation & Quarantine
  • Fatality Management

We also have pre-packaged virtual Tabletop Exercises to support this planning that can be tailored as necessary to validate planning that may already be in place.  These tabletops would be facilitated via an interactive video-sharing platform (like Zoom, WebEx, or Microsoft Teams).

COVID-19 After Action Assessments

This global pandemic caught everyone off-guard and clearly demonstrated that no one was fully prepared.  Most importantly, this trial by fire very quickly forced organizations to reassess their business operations, make significant decisions on the fly, and have the agility to change course, as necessary.  It is vitally important that significant lessons learned be appropriately captured, addressed and planned for, in order to continue to reinforce businesses resilience.  CMCG is available to assist with collecting and analyzing this data in order to ensure these lessons learned are captured and addressed.

Facility COVID-19 Safety Plan

As states begin relaxing stay at home guidance, companies begin re-opening their businesses, and employees return to work, it is important that workplaces have a COVID-19 Safety Plan in place that addresses changes to standard operational procedures.  This plan not only assures your employees that the organization is committed to everyone’s safety but should also provide your employees with clear guidance on how to ensure daily operations are being conducted as safely as possible.

Business Continuity Planning/Pandemic Annex

The assumptions made for developing Business Continuity Plans and specifically the Pandemic Annex likely never imagined a scenario as extreme as this one.  The definition of an essential employee has likely changed. Recovery time objectives for critical business functions need to be re-evaluated.  As response to COVID-19 devolves to recovery, it is time to review BCPs to assess how the plans should be revised/updated as appropriate.  CMCG’s Business Continuity planning experts are available to assist with that task.

COVID-19 Planning Workshop/Risk Management Tabletop Exercise

Even as states begin preparing to re-open for business, health experts warn of a resurgence or second wave of the virus until a vaccine is available.  CMCG experts are available to facilitate planning workshops or Risk Management Tabletop Exercises intended to assist executive management with identifying policies, procedures and guidance to ensure rapid response to this ongoing crisis and its resulting impacts.