trainingYour corporation, school or agency has a top notch response plan. The document identifies the who, what, where and how. Suddenly catastrophe strikes, but instead of the official spokesperson an employee is making statements to media reporters. Stock values are dropping, stakeholders calls are going unanswered, social media is buzzing with criticism for your response. The CEO demands to know what has happened…Employees did not receive training.

The reality is that we encounter similar circumstances too often.

Organizations spend precious resources planning, but then fail to adequately train staff on their roles and responsibilities.  Successful training accommodates the learning requirements from the Executive Officers to the general staff.

CMCG encourages clients to establish comprehensive across the organization training programs which integrate with practice drills and exercises and plan updates. The goal is to create a continuous improvement cycle focus on enhancing response capabilities.

CMCG has designed and implemented programmatic Test Training and Exercise Programs (TTEP) for multiple clients. Our TTEP design is based on the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) of progressive organizational self-improvement.

An effective TTEP begins with clearly defined training goals and outlines the frequency and sequence of training activities. We believe response teams should train on their roles and responsibilities prior to conducting HSEEP exercises.

At CMCG we are expert training designers combining self-paced computer-based and instructor-led training modalities, as well as workshops, e-training and videos.

We use the Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation (ADDIE) model to create a dynamic, flexible and effective training experience.