Photo of Safety TrainingCMCG partnered with Allen Communication to develop a video training series for PG&E coaching the public about crucial gas safety information. Our training series have been recognized with three awards for their Gas Safety 101 Video Series. This outstanding video series earned a Summit Creative Award, a Horizon Award and a Communicator Award of Distinction. The three awards honor the best in interactive media worldwide.

CMCG uses proven methods of tailored hands-on training to enhance the capacity of public and private sector clients to prevent, protect, respond to, or recover from the full spectrum of catastrophic incidents. CMCG consultants are top experts in their field and rely on their first-hand experience in responding to real events to ensure our programs properly prepare for real emergencies.

CMCG specializes in developing award winning customized training programs for its clients. Our consultants have developed dozens of emergency preparedness training programs and trained thousands of first responders and corporate crisis team members. Our programs include such topics as Incident Command System (ICS), radiological emergency response, hazardous materials awareness, natural gas pipeline emergency response, terrorism awareness, crisis management basics, pandemic flu response, business continuity and more.

Photo of a hands-on training execiseCMCG relies upon the latest in adult education technology and principles. For larger or geographically diverse audiences, web-based training and video conferencing can be used to cost effectively reach audiences at multiple remote locations.

Recent client training contracts have included developing a training video on radiation hazards for a private industry; tailoring incident command training for a university; developing and presenting an overview of emergency planning for an international academic institution; developing exercise and drill curriculum for a federal agency; and a training workshop on pandemic flu business continuity planning issues.