TAT 1In the aftermath of the Virginia Tech tragedy, the university established a Threat Assessment Team (TAT) whose responsibility is to proactively identify and intervene to deflect human threats due to behavioral risks. The Virginia Model, as it is known, creates a multi-disciplinary and inter-organizational (e.g., school, local law enforcement) team. CMCG is cognizant of the sensitivity and complexity of establishing a TAT. The development process requires a deliberate approach that empowers TAT members to intervene, while considering the myriad mental health, privacy, medical and legal challenges.

Integrating External Expertise

Our consultants know schools and universities at times must integrate experts external to the organization; such as law TAT2enforcement, mental health specialists or legal counsel; in the threat assessment team. It is critical to establish participation parameters of this non-school resources during the development process.

Team Membership

We believe in establishing a TAT that best fits the culture of your school and university. Some organizations elect to create two separate teams; one to deal with students and the other with faculty and staff. Others create a core TAT with flexibility of adding ad hoc members with expertise in Human Resources or School Security for example.

Whatever your culture, CMCG can facilitate the TAT development for your school.