2019-nCoV Novel Coronavirus Outbreak Report and Guidance

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We at CMCG continue to follow the 2019-nCoV outbreak with interest and concern. The map below identifies the countries with confirmed reported cases.

We have also updated CMCG’s Response Concepts Guide to assist you as develop and adjust your response strategy and pandemic response plans. Please let us know if we can answer any questions or help you with your response planning or management.


In this version, we have adjusted various suggestions, and added links for additional resources.

2019-nCoV Response Concepts – CMCG LLC v3.1

Please remember that the outbreak remains in the gray. There are various data base analyses suggesting reduction in pace of increased cases, peak periods and waning, as well as other specific trajectories. These may provide some beneficial purpose, but right now – they are more likely to be incorrect. Data recognition, collection and representation, especially from the epicenter of the outbreak is and will remain a very difficult effort.

Until we are able to look behind us in time at the data, and until we are able to find and collect what is hidden, there will be important details that are not accurately understood or depicted.  Until the data is more complete and representative of reality, the best strategy is precaution.

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