I highly recommend Robert Bradshaw and CMCG

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City of Yonkers SealI have known Mr. Robert Bradshaw of CMCG, Consultant since he assisted Westchester County in updating CEMPs (Comprehensive Emergency Management Plans) in 2004 for the local jurisdictions. I was so impressed by the job that he did updating our plans that I contacted him to ask his assistance when we hosted a joint exercise with the MetroNorth Railroad and Yonkers Police and Fire Departments in 2005. He did an excellent job pulling all the salient features together and also pleasing the wishes of all participating agencies. He also agreed to help us do a pandemic response tabletop exercise in 2006 (which resulted in our Pandemic Flu Draft Plan); a Transportation WMD Response Exercise in 2008; and a School Shooter Exercise in 2009,. The latter exercises were conducted according to HSEEP guidelines. I highly recommend Robert Bradshaw and CMCG for assistance with all exercise and planning related tasks.