CMCG Assists with Japanese Nuclear Emergency

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Mechanicsburg, PA., March 22, 2011: The Contingency Management Consulting Group (CMCG), headquartered in Mechanicsburg, PA is playing a role in response to the disaster in Japan, particularly as it relates to issues surrounding the radiological emergency at the Fukushima nuclear power plants. Despite its small size, this local firm has some of the most knowledgeable experts in the country on radiation and response to radiological emergencies.

“It has been a very intense couple of days.” says CMCG’s Ron Markovich, a Managing Partner of the firm. “On Monday morning the phone started ringing off the hook! We have had to operate simultaneously on multiple fronts. CMCG has a significant number of nuclear industry clients in the US who are assessing the potential impacts of this event on their programs. At the same time we are continuously monitoring the internet and television for the latest information on what is happening at the nuclear reactors there. All of this while getting calls from companies with operations in Japan who are looking for our assistance with information related to radiation and how to assess risk. It’s become virtually an around-the-clock operation for us over the last four days.”

CMCG has been actively providing advice and assistance concerning radiation hazards to companies in Japan who are concerned about employee safety and who need to know information about how to protect their employees. Although the focus of support has been primarily on radiological concerns, CMCG also has expertise in corporate crisis management and business continuity. As a result some assistance has been provided in those practice areas as well.

“Although our business is broader and addresses all aspects of emergency preparedness, we are a major player in the US when it comes to planning for radiological emergencies. In addition to emergency planning consultants, we employ technical experts like health physicists and consultants trained in nuclear power operations.” says Bob Bradshaw, CMCG’s local Managing Partner. “These skills are in particular demand right now.”

At the moment, CMCG has no plans to send personnel to the region, although that possibility has been discussed with a number of clients. “For now we are teleconferencing and using the internet and live meeting technology to communicate with our clients. But we are available to go there and assist if clients request that type of support.” noted Markovich.


CMCG is a crisis and emergency management consulting firm providing services to a broad range of public and private sector clients, including the commercial nuclear power industry, manufacturing and insurance industries, universities and government. CMCG’s capabilities cover a wide range of services, including risk management, corporate crisis management, emergency response, security and environmental health and safety management services. CMCG applies an experienced team of experts to assist clients in developing plans and procedures, customized training, drills and exercises and even assisting in an actual response.

For more information on CMCG contact Robert Bradshaw, Managing Partner at 717-458-8134.


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