EOCThe EOC represents the central repository for information gathering, processing, and dissemination. We understand the challenges our clients face in maintaining a common operating picture that enables an organization to make informed decisions with imperfect information.

As a team of practitioners in the field of crisis and emergency management, CMCG staff have responded real time to a number of emergencies. Developing an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) entails more that equipping a dedicated space with state of the art, redundant technology. It requires human engineering and a well thought out blue print that supports the back bone of an organization’s response plan. Depending on particular operations, the EOC can indeed be a simple conference room with communications capabilities. However, our experience is that even in this simplest of EOC environments, many clients have not defined the processes that make an EOC run efficiently or trained response teams on how to function within the EOC. As a result of this lack of planning, organizations can fail to maintain a common operating picture about a rapidly evolving situation, engage in duplication of efforts and generate a confusing response environment.

CMCG can assist in creating state of the art, functional EOCs. In the design phase, we can review proposed blue prints and provide recommendations or identify omissions in infrastructure support. We can also assist in identifying and testing information sharing and notification systems under consideration. During the construction phase, we can conduct periodic audits to ensure the build out process is in line with the original plans or coordinate deviations to the construction. During the implementation phase, we can draft EOC procedures and train team members on EOC systems and protocols.