Ronald Markovich is a Managing Partner of Contingency Management Consulting Group, LLC.  He has over 35 years of experience in emergency management, risk communications, vulnerability assessment, business continuity and crisis management where he has performed in the capacity of both project manager and as a crisis management consultant specializing in emergency management and security program development. Mr. Markovich is the American Nuclear Society (ANS) Emergency Preparedness subcommittee chair.

Mr. Markovich has provided emergency management services to commercial nuclear, private industry and government clients.  These services include emergency plan development, delivery of training programs and conducting emergency table tops, drills and exercises.

Mr. Markovich most recently assisted in the development and submittal of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) ISFSI-only Emergency Plan (IOEP) and previously also supported the SONGS exemption request and Defueled Emergency Plan and EAL efforts. He also supported the Humboldt Bay Power Plant (HBPP) Emergency Plan License Amendment Request removing radiological hazards and ISFSI – only Emergency Plan.

He also served as the CMCG Project Manager for the DCPP New Rule implementation, SONGS EP New Rule assessment and implementation and Dominion New Rule implementation which included NEI 10-05 and 12-01 staffing studies and NUREG 0654 Supplement 3 Protective Action Recommendation process development.  He also supported the First Energy Fleet Standardization Project, the Duke Energy fleet ERO standardization project, Cook Nuclear Plant ERO improvement initiative, Constellation, Exelon, Entergy Nuclear Operations, Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Station and Dominion’s Kewaunee Power Station emergency preparedness program revitalization efforts.

Mr. Markovich had developed the Combined Operating License (COL) Emergency and Physical Security Plans for applicants utilizing the U.S. EPR design – including the proposed Bell Bend Nuclear Power Plant; developed the COL Physical Security Plans for applicants utilizing the ESBWR and AP1000 design and is a member of the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) industry new plant emergency and physical security task forces as well as the new decommissioning task force.  He also served as the lead manager for the Emergency Plan development effort for the initial license application for the Eagle Rock Enrichment Facility and LES National Enrichment Facility to meet the requirements of 10CFR70.22, Regulatory Guide 3.67 and NUREG-1520. Mr. Markovich was responsible for overseeing the development of the Emergency Plan, ensuring consistency with the other Safety Analysis Report chapters and interfacing/negotiating with the State and local Emergency Management Agencies.

Prior experience included serving as Emergency Planning Manager for AREVA (formally Framatome ANP), responsible for supporting the Pilgrim, Maine Yankee, Vermont Yankee and Millstone emergency preparedness programs.

He also served as Boston Edison’s Offsite Emergency Preparedness Division Manager for the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station and was responsible for developing a new offsite program during a period of high regulatory visibility.