Edward W. Eaton, MBCI is a senior consultant with over seventeen years experience in government and private sector preparedness in crisis management, business continuity, oil spill and emergency response, including planning, training, drills and exercising.

Mr. Eaton has a breadth of consulting experience in a variety of industries and in the Department of Defense. Recent projects include developing tabletop exercise materials for use by a client training team, and leading the Exercise Design Team for a large multi-team University functional exercise. Other recent projects have included developing and delivering a tabletop exercise for headquarters and regional emergency teams for a hospitality client, supporting development of business continuity strategies for the headquarters of a regional gas company, and support for a financial institution’s business continuity policy and exercise program.

Mr. Eaton has built his practice on delivering preparedness consulting services to companies, financial institutions and university clients. He has served clients in developing and maturing their crisis management programs and often retains relationships built in these efforts for years. He organizes project teams shaped to meet clients’ specific objectives, drawing on relationships with other consultants and specialists, and reaching out to subject-matter-experts to provide value to clients.

He has facilitated numerous crisis and emergency exercises and assisted corporate clients in such industries as petroleum, transportation, pharmaceuticals, paper & packaging products, chemicals & plastics, financial institutions, cosmetics, tobacco, food and beverage, and hospitality. He has worked in such areas as crisis management, business continuity, crisis communications, human impact, oil spill, aviation accident, reputation management and information management.

Mr. Eaton looks to leverage technology to enhance the impact of training materials and to expand the ability of clients to train their remote teams. He developed a DVD-based crisis management training program for a Fortune 25 food and beverage company. He has used technology solutions to support inclusion of multiple teams for a global hospitality client. He has used DVD based news videos for use in functional exercises for crisis management and emergency response.

Mr. Eaton is a former Supply Corps Officer in the US Navy and has held operations, management and consulting positions in private sector firms.

Mr. Eaton has a B.S. in Geology from Duke University and an M.A. in Management from Webster University. He has completed certificate work in Waste Water Management and Business Continuity. He has been a Member of Business Continuity Institute since March 2001 and is a member of the ASIS Business Continuity Management Standards Working Group.